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Every product we make is natural, but really they are so much more than that. Comprised entirely of certified organic base ingredients, plant extracts and oils and clinical grade essential oils, each imparts concentrated nourishment and calm to your mind, body and spirit. Our organic rooibos extract is manufactured in our laboratory !

Breaking from the pack, we have skipped the deceptive ingredient jargon, slick PR campaigns and fluffy packaging - letting our incredible products speak for themselves. No bulk lab bases, nothing outsourced and no shortcuts. Bottled in earth friendly, local packaging , our formulations represent a return to something real and beautiful in an era of green washing, slick packaging and hope in a bottle hype.

Operating from our own laboratory here in Claremont in Cape Town our family owned business does not have to answer to share holders. We answer to our customers.

Manufacturing our own products allows us to produce our products on demand and in smaller batches, which means quite simply that everything comes to your door fresh, clean and free of harmful preservatives. Our business has grown year on year since inception......testament in some way to the care and dedication that goes into each and every bottle of product we produce.

Join us on our journey of a wholesome, healthy approach to life. All our products are animal, earth and people friendly.....none of the ingredients that we use are tested on animals.  We use only two animal products in two of our products.......beeswax in our baby bum balm  and milk solids in our soap. Both sourced from ethical suppliers.

Every product we make is 100% cruelty free and is earth, people and animal friendly. Our wonderful staff test every product during the formulation process to ensure the gentle efficacy were known for. We take it a step further and verify that each and every ingredient we use is never tested on animals. And though its nearly unheard of in the beauty industry, we manufacture our products on site, from scratch so we can be 100% assured of how our products are produced and tested.

Almost our entire product line is vegan. The only animal ingredients we do work with is the pure beeswax in our Baby Bum Balm which is from a verifiably ethical and cruelty free source.

Natural Skincare